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Welcome to Gelnhausen 

The city of Gelnhausen, once the seat of the Staufer Emperor Friedrich I, "Barbarossa" (Red beard), is located in southeast Hesse. It is halfway between Frankfurt am Main and Fulda and in close proximity to the forests of Spessart and Vogelsberg.

Founded in 1170 the city is proud to look back on more than 850 years of Gelnhausen. You can truly feel the history on every corner of the old town center. Cobbled streets not only lead to countless lovely restored half-timbered houses but also to numerous sights from the past centuries. 

Throughout the whole year we offer guided tours of the old town as well as tours on specific topics. If you'd rather discover the city on your own you can listen to an explanation of the sights during a QR-code based city walk.

Bild eines Stadtplantafel vor der Marienkirche in Gelnhausen. Davor ist eine Hand mit einem Handy das einen QR-Code scannt.

Explore the city on your own

Download our brochure or discover the city on a QR-code based tour.

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Guided tours 

We offer a wide range of city tours with english speakting tour guides.

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