Zu sehen ist eine Hand in der eine Glaskugel liegt. In der Glaskugel spiegelt sich verkehrtherum mehrere Fachwerkhäuser.

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Explore the city on your own

Explore the city on your own

If you'd like to discover Gelnhausen on your own, we can highly recommend the  QR-code based city tour. All you need is a smartphone that is able to read QR codes and access to the internet. 

Throughout the old town you can find the QR codes on the information boards located near the sights. Once you have scanned the code your phone will take you to a mobile website where you can find all the facts and figures about the sights as well as an audio file and a city map. The tour will take you through Gelnhausens history in a nutshell - interesting, factual and fun!  

Or if you'd rather experience Gelnhausen offline, simply take a stroll through the cobbled streets and market squares with our brochure "A walk through the town" at hand. You can either download it here or get your personal printed copy at the Tourist information center located on Obermarkt 8 (next to the town hall). Don't forget to treat yourself to a good break with culinary delights in one of the many Cafés and Restaurants in the historic old town and the surrounding districts of Gelnhausen.

If you are still looking for a place to stay at we have collected Gelnhausens hotels, boarding houses and apartments on this listPlease do not hesitate to contact our Tourist information in case you need any help or further information. 


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