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Gelnhusana Magica - English

Gelnhusana Magica

A look in the shop window shows nothing unusual. But if you look through the magical device, a - admittedly quite sleepy - goblin magically appears. If the players manage to wake him up, he reveals a new perspective on the peacful city of Gelnhausen: Someone opened a magic portal and evil monsters are threatening the city!

It can only be closed by a smart and brave team that is capable of collecing all magical crystals just in time to safe Gelnhausen. To do this, they have to solve tricky puzzles, crack codes, find hidden spots, open a cryptex and master interactive tasks. Help comes from the greedy goblin, whose lovely animation is fun for young and old. However, his services are not unselfish ...

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    Gelnhusana magica tour through the city: approx. 2 hrs. / 2 – 8 players / 95,- €

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